Muhammed and me

img_3934Today, as I searched the www for inspiration, I ‘met’ a delightful young boy, four year old Muhammed Ali.

His mother says, “Yes I know, it is a big name and a weighty name. I think that it will help give him a strong personality.” Gaili Aziz, 33, Alexandreia, Greece.

Muhammed is certainly displaying this personality trait. He was only 5 days old when his mother fled with him and his two siblings from Syria. His father and sister are in Germany. He knows no other life other than the camp in Greece. Three days a week he goes to a Safe Space for children, set up by the International Rescue Committee. He learns and participates in things we take for granted, things that our children often do on a daily basis.

Gaili goes on to say, “The very best thing he has learned there is not to rely on your muscles but to use your brain.”

“I am not super strong, I am super smart!” Muhammed Ali, 4, Alexandreia, Greece.

I have been struggling to make a connection to a refugee camp but in spending time searching the web today, I think Muhammed found me. His infectious smile and his love of music and dancing made me want to learn more about his camp in Alexandria. And I love that at four, he knows he is “super smart“.

I want to use the creative arts to enhance their learning and seeing him dancing around with the phone to his ear made me smile. Smiling is not what you usually do when researching refugee camps. I was happy to read that he attends school three days a week and I am now thinking of a connection to a Teachers Without Borders initiative.

In linking my ideas to a learning space, I think Muhammed is well and truly learning how to be comfortable in his Personal Space and his Liminal Space. I now need to decide which spaces I want to further explore.

I think his mother named him well. She says, “He warms our hearts.” He has warmed mine today.

I’d like you to meet Muhammed too.


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