Every space is important


I’ve been thinking a lot about The Six Learning Spaces I researched previously as I work on my current assessment. When I first began this unit, I thought of learning spaces in a very literal way. I have now learnt about the different learning spaces that both teachers and children inhabit and I have a deeper level of understanding of each individual space.

The most important thing I have learnt is that ALL the spaces are important, valuable and have a place during anyone’s learning. The fact that they are all connected is proof that any one space is no more important than another. As educators we have to guide our students through each space, dependent on their needs. This unit has now given me an understanding and a vocabulary to be able to recognise when a particular space is relevant and how it will improve the education of my students. It has also made me realise the importance of children having a voice in their learning, to be able to articulate their ideas, their successes and also their concerns when they are working within a particular space.

I am both an educator of and a student in 21st Century education. I must have a solid grasp of these six spaces to be able to use them effectively with my own students, to be able to acknowledge which space a student can comfortably work within, to introduce them into a space they were not aware of and to guide them in moving between spaces. I have to be a good role model to my students and articulate my own ideas, successes and challenges when I am working within a particular space.

This unit on The Learning Space has equipped me to do all of the above with confidence and knowledge. I can do it!

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