Sadness overwhelms me


I have spent many hours today reading about refugee camps all around the world.

Every single one overwhelms me with sadness and despair.

This story in Idomeni is one example of the horror these children are enduring to try and move out of the camps and meet up with family or to try and change their circumstances for a better future.

I cannot comprehend the horrors they are enduring.

I can only hope and pray that they receive the support, care and ultimately the love they so deserve and should indeed expect, as a human right.

FOOTNOTE I have just come across this article in The Guardian that less than three weeks after the previous report (linked above), Idomeni Camp has been shut down. Many are now living in worse conditions. Many are now trying more than ever to flee. Many more are now disappearing.

Sadness and despair overwhelms me once more.

I wonder where all the children have gone? I wonder if they are safe?

FOOTNOTE  3 November 2016    I now know that some families are safe. Thank you to my fellow student at Teach21C for her link to this video.


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