Happiness is upon me


I am beginning to formulate my own ideas for a Vision and Mission statement as part of my assignment. In everything that I am formulating I…


As I research about refugees and their plight around the world my previous post was filled with sadness. This post is filling me with hope as I look at the work a myriad of wonderful organisations and people are doing to make a difference.

Education is paramount in all the organisations. Each has a very definite direction on how to ensure refugee children receive quality education, often despite less than favourable conditions.

Below I have included general statements from the organisations with which I have made a connection. I am now looking more specifically at education and becoming inspired by what they are doing.

I’m getting my ‘happy’ on!

This wonderful video of Syrian children in Za’atari Camp affirms that despite the sadness and often overwhelming sense of despair these children might be feeling, they can also still get their ‘happy’ on!

Hope this makes you get your ‘happy’ on too?

Teachers Without Borders Mission and Vision states… Teachers Without Borders connects teachers to information and each other in order to make a difference in their communities — on a global scale.  Our tagline:  Teachers.  Leaders.  Worldwide.

International Rescue Committee “Better Aid” Strategy states… The world’s more than 60 million displaced people, the highest number ever recorded, require more than “aid as usual.” Their growing and increasingly complex needs mandate a transformation—a creative rethinking—in the global humanitarian response. The International Rescue Committee has taken on this challenge.

Refugee Support Europe Mission states… We aim to improve the livelihoods and outcomes for refugees by prioritising dignity and co-operation. We believe that if we are going to achieve that we need to adhere to high professional and ethical standards. Human dignity is right at the heart of our activities.

UNHCR Primary Purpose states… is to safeguard the rights and well-being of people who have been forced to flee. Together with partners and communities, we work to ensure that everybody has the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge in another country. We also strive to secure lasting solutions. 


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