Alexandria, Greece


I was struggling to choose a refugee camp to focus on for my assignment but in the end the camp chose me, thanks to a beautiful four year old boy named Muhammed Ali. After having ‘met’ Muhammed while doing my research, I immediately wanted to learn more about where he lived, what the conditions were like, what sort of facilities were in the camp and what opportunities did he have to play, to learn, to be creative.

Alexandria in Greece is where I have found my refugee camp, Muhammed’s home for the last four years. So much needs to be done for all the children in Alexandria. It is a camp that has drawn the attention of some wonderful organisations and people who are doing amazing things there to help not only the children but the adults also. They are working to do their best to make these people feel settled for the time they have to spend in the camp, to give them access to basic necessities of food, shelter, water etc, to provide some simple educational resources and to help them with the process of relocating to and often reuniting with their loved ones in another country.

After reading of the the work being done there, I have been inspired to think about my part in helping to make a difference. I have been influenced by Teachers Without Borders to choose their Child-Friendly Spaces Initiative and I have made connections with other organisations doing similar work. I have been thinking of ideas that could be implemented in Alexandria to help Muhammed and all the young children at his camp. I would like them to have access and opportunities to flourish in Learning Spaces.

I am now trying to do “small things in a big way” Napoleon Hill, Writer, 1883-1970.

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