Twelve weeks ago I had no idea what a PLN was so, as you do, I googled! I came across this article on what a Personal Learning Network is and found it interesting but also daunting. I was being asked to set up my own PLN for the online unit of study I was doing and as I am a bit of a technology ‘dinosaur’, I went into a mild panic.

But look at me now!

I have completed The Six Learning Spaces assignment, added to my PLN.

I am just about to complete my Future Learning Space assignment, added to my PLN.

I have written regular blog posts to my PLN.

I have learnt so much about the design process of this site through trial and error but I have also been wonderfully supported by my online lecturer, Mr Adam Staples, my eCoP, in EDFD459, my colleagues, my friends and especially my family. Amazing what two tech-savvy children can do to help their Mama when she is stressed out and on the verge of tears!

As I was searching for an image to place at the top of this post, I found this wonderful one and I must admit, I smiled when I realised that all 10 reasons were now very applicable to me.

sd-blogImage retrieved from

I am very proud of what I have achieved this semester. I am connecting with wonderful educators all around the world and I am looking forward to continuing to blog so I can…




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