Vision and Mission


This is my Vision and Mission statement for all children but particularly those living in refugee camps around the world.


That all children have the opportunity to be educated in a safe, friendly, inviting and inspiring learning space.

That within each learning space all children are welcomed, are heard, can thrive, be respected and above all, be valued.

That all children have the possibility to hope for a future where they can aspire to achieve success through access to quality education.


To ensure that education is inclusive of girls and boys.

To provide appropriate and relevant resources that enhance 21st Century learning.

To enhance learning through the use of technology.

To teach to the needs of the individual and their specific circumstances.

To allow for opportunities to be creative in all art forms.

To develop skills to enhance self-direction, self-efficacy and self-reflection.

To propose a positive mindset to assist with self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem.

To pursue open communication detailing strengths and challenges between students, teachers and parents.

To create opportunities to allow children to play and have fun.